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Finally Finished the Blankets and Mailing Out Today by 4:00pm

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

  • Check-in Later Today for Folding Tutorial

  • Marketing Campaign to Launch on the 29th of October, 2021

First Things First Introducing Tommy, an orphan no longer.

The Cat on the Left is named Tommy, and I'm thinking about keeping him as the office cat. All the tenants have been taking care of him, and Dave, my landlord, offered to have him taken care of at the vet's. He is such a sweet spirit and a joy to have around. Anyway, just wanted to share this sweet photo of him..

Two weeks behind schedule, with this first order, I had to learn to develop a workflow, that worked with my current day-job work schedule. Also, learned a lot during this making session. Thank God, my Bookkeeper/Quality Inspection Supervisor was such a good sport. I'm still sewing blankets so as to have a stock set up for when the marketing campaign begins.

A Little More About These Blankets:

This hexagon-shaped receiving and swaddling blankets are amazingly versatile and foldable for easy storage and packing to take along with you anywhere you need to be with your baby.

They have been pre-washed, (before ironing and cutting for the big sew); so there should be very minimal if any shrinkage. I made sure to sew the seams in a way that the gauze and double gauze fabric will not unravel. That means this will last for years.

The yellow blanket picture is 22" per side, and has a 44"" diagonal, while the larger blankets have a 25" per side measure with a 50" diagonal. So both of these blankets give you lots of acreages to wrap your new sweet one in.

Coming Soon Please check-in in about two weeks as the yellow blanket will be used by a new mom to demonstrate just how much roominess this blanket has and you can see it here and on Instagram.

And Later Today Also, I will be using Melinda, my amazon bought newbie infant doll, who was such a hit at the Mediterranean Festival, to show the three ways that the blanket can be used to swaddle the baby later today.

Marketing Campaign Begins on the 29th of October

Some very wise business owners who are friends of mine advised me to get personal and tell my story. Why am I in the baby blanket business, a single, never-married woman? Perhaps in one way to honor both my biological mother and my foster mother, as both women have interesting stories that can be shared. My biological mother had a mental illness that made it difficult for her to raise children, my foster mother had her uterus removed when she was 16 years old, around 1931. Alot of things were going on around 1931...we will weave those stories in... Currently, women have a lot more control over their bodies now, but back then...there were some tragedies.

As you might be aware, my goal is to raise funds to help women (and men, eventually) deal constructively with trauma to bring functionality and order to a life regarding activities of daily living as it pertains to money management and executive function skills, both areas I have struggled with as I dealt with my own healing from traumatic abuse.

Believe me, folks, it affects every area of life...

So enough of that.....I will be posting from now on every Wednesday.

Well! God speed, and See you later today (the tutorial) and next Wednesday!!!


Blankets: Finally finished the brochure and mailing out today.

Video: Still in process, need to angle the camera higher.

Campaign: Launching the 7 Nov 2021

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