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First Etsy Sale!!!

Positive Podcast Reviews! And New Colours!!!!! And Our New GoFundMe Motto!!!

the mystery of God's Care For Us.....

a Brief on the Start-Up So as a one-person start-up, I must tell you having a business is not for the faint of heart, because you've got to struggle, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to keep an even keel, and one must do SOMETHING concrete every day to keep the ship moving forward.

WE (why do I say we...well this pronoun works as a security blanket for me, and it reminds me that I am actually not alone in this endeavour. I can't thank my supporters enough!!! So this is an opportunity again to say THANK YOU!!!!!)

First Etsy Sale and Podcast Reviews so WE had our first Etsy sale last week, and the podcast has yielded some very positive reviews, and that is always a good thing to hear!!!! In fact, one person told me it should be longer, and I just had to laugh, remembering my forays into the forum over at BlogTalk Radio. where I just talked and talked and embarrassed myself. And learnt some things too, challenges as well as affirmative.

But in the last analysis...I know myself, that when I look at clips on YouTube, I look at the time, and if it is over a certain amount of time, I don't engage. As though I had two hours a day to watch a live stream...My emails and postings keep me busy enough, and my making and designing times cannot be compromised. I do, however, allow myself one hour of bonanza or a movie a week usually the same movie over and over or the same bonanza episode over and over. Did you know that Jesus Christ himself made an appearance on Bonanza!!!??? The episode is Blessed are They that Mourn. But I digress!!!

So Etsy: I learned that the blankets seem small to buyers, most buyers are looking for a much larger blanket. 48" x 48". My largest size the Receiving/Swaddling blanket (and all of the blankets can be used to swaddle) has a 50" diagonal per its 25" hexagonal sides, but its area is 1623.8, while the 48" x 48" area size is 2304 square inches. If I made a blanket with a 30" hexagonal side, it would yield a 60' diagonal, and its area size would be 2338 square inches. It beats out the 48 x 48 by 34 square inches. So I just ordered a new cutting table, and although I don't want to start making these right away, I just want you all to know that I am considering it.

But we are focusing on the newborn and the first 12 years of life, and the needs of babies, and now that I have that clarified, I am thinking about introducing a lovey blanket that will be 12" per hexagonal side and offers up 374.1 square inches of area. Stay tuned.

New Colours and Why Baby Blue or rather Light Blue will Always be A design Element of the Blankets.So we are debuting some colours, Coral and Copenhagen do I describe it the Copenhagen blue aka Copen over at It is soft, like the sea on a sunny wintry's day, and it is a nice compliment to the all-purpose baby blue backing that is part of the design element of all the blankets.

Let me explain this: the Colour blue has always been my favourite colour, and it competes with lavender, which is another favorite of mine; but the thing about the colour blue, that I found out, is that it is also is a symbol of the Mother of God, and the more I find out about this Pillar of our Church the more wondrous and mysterious is the ekonomia of salvation to me as wrought by the birth and incarnation of Christ, His death and Resurrection. You get to understand why she is so venerated in our Church. And think of this: the Mother of God looks after every child on earth, doing all in her power to share the Gospel in ways mysterious and is a divine work that every human being is a focus of by the saints and angels of heaven...we are not alone...And I am not talking in a sci-fiction sort of way.

So that is the colour blue, and the color Copenhagen blue is to signify boys and the colour coral is to signify girls. And what shall I say of the colour coral, It too is a product of the sea, and the way the sea works to smooth and shape stones, and are we as Christians, if we take each adverse event in the right way, being made over in the image of Christ? These events in our lives are used to mold us, to lessen that which is rough in us, and to refine and reveal that which is Godly in us...And that is what the colour Coral means to me, and it's a girl's color, as well. for the sake of these blankets. So basically we are introducing gendered blankets. I am making them now, and they should debut in about two weeks....(I know, I know I'm still working on that swaddling blanket video...I think I'm going to need a go pro camera to get it right)

As mentioned above, each colour comes with the baby blue backing.

Maybe I should say light blue...

GoFundMe Motto

So the GoFundMe is going so slow, but I'm being told to hang in there, and as other things are going well in my life, I've decided to hang in. So when I was an Aikido practitioner, our dojo sensei always used to say Finish Strong. When I finally met an elder of the Church, his advice to me was to start small. So I put these two together and came up with, Start Small, Finish Strong. If I can get some Orthodox Christian group to adopt this cause and help me with their network, I would be so blessed, and we are working on that now. Because that is the key: that is, when you share that is the secret of the success. of a GoFundMe campaign. I being a loner, do not have a lot of access to networking, (I like to do activities that mean I spend a lot of time alone) but a GoFundMe needs access to the network of fellow travelers, and I hope that some of them will take this on, So that is my blog for this week, looking forward to living, breathing, being the HoneyCombe Chamber!!!!

And Don't forget to check out my PodCast Resiliency at Any Age

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