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HSEKI Diaries Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Chionia.I just found out about this saint, one of the three along with 4 others that were martyred under Diocletian on the 16th of April (the 3rd of April using the Western calendar).

Her name meaning was striking to me, because it means simultaneously snow and nervous. It has a greek origin. The saint was steadfast during her martyrdom, however, and this is how we Christians all hope to be. No matter how nervous. But HSEKI, (HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute--my social enterpise longing for the last ten years) is coming to the fore, and I'm nervous, because she,is suddenly asserting herself and demanding to be born.

It wasn't suppose to happen this way, but the opportunity to rent out the entire first floor, as friend Mike moved his business to a place closer to where he lived, could not be ignored. My landlord was very willing to let me rent it, and that in of itself was miraculous.

To be fair, I did let others know about the availability, but they felt that for them the time was not right. But HSEKI tugged at me, implored me, finally reared up on her tippy toes, and firmly said; surely thou shalt be a fool, if ye past this up. (She talks in that accent when she is serious). So I asked, and it was granted to me to rent it. And here we are. Scurrying around like a squirrel just before winter, trying to get all the things done to birth a business.

As this is a social enterprise there are several components to it. the Services that will be provided, and the self-sufficient way we will fund the providing of those services.

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