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I'm All Over the Place CASE In Point: New Podcast!!!

So next week's podcast is going to be about post-traumatic stress disorder, but how I myself have experienced it in terms of challenges that one has when it occurs.

I have a personal belief that many, many people suffer from ptsd, but that it can manifest in healthy and unhealthy ways.

For instance, you see something that reminds you of an adverse event, and you avoid that or manage the feelings that arises in you by taking a healthily adapted behaviour to neutralize the situation that reminds you of the adverse event, But as Jordan Peterson has said, PTSD is the maladaptive response to whatever reminds you of the adverse event because there has not been a resolution of it on some level. Basically, I've learned it's about managing the feelings that arise.

So tune in at 6am Eastern Standard Time, Wednesdays to hear a discussion of that if you want to comment on

Then there is the swaddling blanket video. Folks, it is coming! I have it queued to be imported into Premiere as we are speaking.

We sold some blankets and I'm working on them. It should be here in a couple of weeks at the most. You are waiting, my advisors are waiting. And this is noted....

Today, We are launching the GoFundMe, even though I had been working on it for some weeks, this week is the official launching of it. Please take a look at it, and help out any of the ways you can. We startups need all the help we can get, and as a member of the community, your helping me helps me be more integrated in a productive way into the community of Utica. Supporting small businesses support women, men and children learn the interdependency of economics.

Wow, did I just say that!?

Well this brings us back to the mission of HSEKI, the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute. A Faith based understanding of economics. The word economics means stewardship of the home. And in the home are persons, and we speak of the whole person, and deal with some of the issues some of us as survivors of abuse may have in performing adequately and responsibly in the fiscal and executive function arena,

the Resiliency at Any Age Podcast will address all of these tune in next week for the first podcast which will be on PTSD and the way it can highjack activities of daily living.

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