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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

the reading today spoke of the prophet Haggai who spoke of the second temple and said that Christ, the Messiah, Himself will appear there. This bore out as the 12 year old spoke with the elders, and the G0d-man then spoke with the pharisees.

These are dark times, and the ship we are on is on choppy waters. But as long as like Moses, we remember who is truly the King of the World, not as St. Theophanes noticed, the ever-rotating sentries of mad fashions in philosophies and public policies.

I must remember to turn to the Lord God no matter what and He will hear me.

I have two cats now. there is one who is threatened by the other, and I find it that I must assure her that I love her no less, but I also love the other cat equally. It is my hope that they will find a way to get along with each other.

Humans are like cats sometimes, believing there will be a loss if others fill out their God given potential. Some of us come from behind and need help to achieve, but the talents each human being has, it comes from God Himself. And each of us will be responsible for those talents.

I hope with the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute to be able to help women and men, who find themselves the detritus of the world, who the world misunderstands, or refuses to act on their knowledge of the long term effects of Childhood trauma.

I am grateful to be able to thank God for the three programs I am able to participate in that will help me in my own executive function issues,

First there is:

Accelerated Momentum Program Gold by Doctor Benjamin Hardy. He basically designed an Executive Function course for business owners, and it is truly awesome, and I think my boss Rita Sley for helping me to participate in the program with her generous offer!!!

Secondly the Trustplus program which gives me a personal financial coach.

Third, the program which gives me a personal business coach.

I have also tapped into the Small Business Development Center, and also I have tapped into Access VR, as well as SCORE, for local mentorship.

I'm grateful for God being my lighthouse, and granting me these opportunities to address the life skills I need to learn to bring this dream to fruition.

God Bless!

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