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Peddling for a Dream


They say that location is everything when having a storefront. The most important thing is foot traffic. I cannot believe how I have been so blessed. Thus I am planning on Getting my Peddler's License, and insurance so that I can set my the HoneyCombe Chamber table right outside and sell the blankets that way. However, I need new packaging and am looking into that right now. I live downtown, next to the Courthouse, the State Building and City Hall. (besides the fact that it is only a 9 minute walk to my Church. And busking artists is a tradition here in Utica, which I hope to capitalize on one day, perhaps this summer. But I digress. But that is what I will be working on in the upcoming weeks getting my outdoor vendor's license,

Also one of the categories of items I would like to offer. It is art prints for special occasions. I'm hoping to launch that for Pascha. Currently this is private, I just want to let you know it is coming down the pike.

Meanwhile, I have been working on my Christmas gifts to folks and testing out recipes. This year it will be Vegan Christmas cookies, an art print of St. Gabriel, and a HoneyCombe Chamber handkerchief for all my friends. Busy!!!!

I feel very blessed this season, and very challenged...everything is being triggered, but i do have a great support system in place which is amazing: It is teaching me one thing:

God knows best, and it is best to cultivate patience.

I will talk about these support systems in future blogs....

Until then, those who are Celebrating the Birth of Christ this Saturday, I wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas!!!!

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