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St. George Antiochian Mediterrean Festival on Higby Road, Utica

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

We are going to be here on 11/12 September. Hours are 12pm - 8pm Saturday, and 12pm-5pm, Sunday.

I have been working hard on the blankets, and I (and my advisors) are pleased with the results. Thanks so much, Marcia Olmstead, Sue Arcuri, for standing by me when the going got rough. Special shout out to Olga.

Working through Executive Function Symptoms and PTSD, (and having those issues exacerbated by stress) has been the great wall of obstacles...but in a "minute" here and on the Instagram page, I will be able to post these blankets.

I am hoping that with the launch of our blankets at the Festival, we will get the word out about them and also generate sales.

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