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Thankful for the patience of our Collaborators

We will be working with the PrintShoppe to embroider our Polly HoneyBee, and to Utica Sewing Inc, to sew the orders. We will be working with Outskirts press to publish our accompanying children's verse about HoneyBee's.

This process has been incredibly multi-faceted, and redesigns were necessary. We've got a generous quote for the book that will be part of the Lilly collection Polly HoneyBee package. I'm actually working on a redesign on the above. the changes will be Minor, but I think necessary.

Why the Lilly.

Well, the Lilly is a flower that honey bees collect pollen from. And two, I decided to incorporate the Lilly into the design when I received a Pascha card from a convent depicting the Virgin Mary Mother of God, as a child with a Lily in her hand. As Honey is an oft used metaphor for Wisdom, and the life of honey bees are somewhat reflective of the lives of Christians, and as the Lily is a symbol of Christ's death and resurrection, I felt it very apt to begin our series of the wonders of the animals of creation for toddlers children's books, with these symbols.

the Spiritual care of our children, as St. Filaret of Moscow reminds us, begins in the womb. So we offer these blankets to receive your child into the world, and the accompanying children's book to help you introduce your children to the wonders of God's creation. I am very thankful to be working with Oneida County Right to Life, to help get the word out about these blankets and its accompanying story verse about Honey Bees.

We are still looking to launch the sale of the receiving blanket, the swaddling cloth, and the burpee cloth, as well as the Honey Bee story verse, on the 15th of August, 2021.

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