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the Camera is On its Way But What I Did Do

I dropped the ball on the video. yes I made them, but my little smart canon digital has a black hole in it, and I need to figure out a contraption in order to hang the digital from the ceiling.

and the videos? they just didn't look, good, and I didn't look good, and so I let it alone, for the moment.

on the other hand, I figured out a mystery with Planoly, which only proves my stubbornness in not reading the instructions because I was expecting to be solely guided by the visuals. When you want to tag a product to a post, I was expecting a gallery to pop up of my products, and I didn't bother to read the instruction which said to click anywhere on the image of the intended post, and then the gallery will pop up.

So, that took some time to figure out.

Then my sister calls me and says she wants to send me a camera. Then, she informed that her husband's transmission blew out.

Then we talked for a while.

We have good conversations, my sister and I.

One of the really wonderful things about our family is we complained about how we were raised but we always were grateful that we were exposed to the Christian faith.

It's not bitter complaining, it's more like, ouch that hurt complaining, but we are grateful for the good that was in that situation. I remember the conferences my sisters and I would have about our mom, in which we praised her, and complained about her....I think that is absolutely interesting....that we did that. I wonder if any other survivours have experiences like that,

Anyway, as soon as the camera comes, the videos will be made.

In other news, I joined or requested to join team groups on There they have themed based groups, so I joined or requested to join all the Faith-based for starters.

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