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The Vlog that Did Not Get Done Because...

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I was busy getting this Go Fund Me Video done.

It only a minute long, and I've done longer video's, somehow the anxiety bug hit, and I was trying out new stuff and I wasn't able to move as fast, and had to do the whole thing over, due to frame size issues. Never had that happen before, but I learnt something new, and that is a good thing.

Sew starting tomorrow will be sewing, sewing, sewing, and I will post some photos of that...Right now making gifts for friends, and my inventory for the sale over at Etsy and over here.

So there are two new things that are happening. I have this awesome space, and besides the place where I do the sewing, What is coming down the Pike.

1. HSEKI Christian Themed Fine Arts & Craft Medieval Market

2. Listening Room/House Concerts

As you tool around this site, you will notice that the blankets are just a part of what is going on. the HoneyCombe Chamber is an engine so to speak that will help the Heart Soul Ekonomia Institute provide services and also a venue where Christian culture is celebrated and reverenced. Also, I personally love being a working artist in this way.

As I don't have a car, the advantage of having the space that I have to build my blankets and art prints is the fact that im in a great location. (even though someone said that it reminded them of that side of the town most people would euphemistically call the other side of the railroad trackts.)

I have always loved medieval and renaiisance fairs, mainly because they remind me of the folk tales and fairy tales I grew up reading as a child. Oneida County has their fair share of these markets, but without a car, it is hard to get wares to them. So my solution was to create my own Christian Themed Fine Arts & Art Crafts Medieval Market of Utica., I thought it would be very helpful (logistics wise) and fun to create. And it is, and everything is beginning to come into place.

And I also love music (I used to busk at the Pike Street Market), and it would be fun to host good music classical, and folk traditions, from as far back as medieval times, and up to current roots music. So we will be letting you all know when those two events are going to begin.

I'm sorry about the how to fold the swaddling that is filmed. I uploaded it to my xenoikos bread company youtube channel, and I will get that done in time for when it gets done. I can't say give dates...but I'm working on everything and am the sole proprietor of this just thank you...

Thanks for your patience.

Also we have a thing going on at Etsy, where the first 10 customers on Etsy and the first 10 customers on the HSEKI will get a free handmade art print Illustrated HoneyBee book, which will be out in March, 2022. It's a 65.00 value. You may have to wait longer than March, but that is the projected date as of now. If you bought it at Etsy, the offer is good only from Etsy, and likewise, if you bought first from HSEKI/shop.

So actually we are giving away 20 of these books.

We started our GoFundMe, and you can go look at it here There are lots of ways you can help us out, including buying a blanket for the little one in your life.

I will talk about it next week. I'm bushwacked. God Bless.


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