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Time Management and the 80/20

So as I am doing my business, I am also healing from many of the things that I observe in other survivors of trauma.

This year I have been blessed with many things to help me to address this:

an Accelerated Momentum Program that helps business owners take their goals to the next level by addressing taking steps to make those goals and targets happen and a group to talk about challenges along the way. I've only been in it three weeks and I already see changes.

I bought a Anti Procrastination course....which is really drilling down into the weeds, and it's a strange thing occurring that I can't get to it in the morning but in the evening. I forget that I get a post at 6am, and remember in the middle of the day...crazy, but I'm aware of it, and working on remedying it, but I've done the work everyday and it has been illuminating. But it reminds me of the Elder Cleopa's discourse on procrastination.

I have a very caring support system in my therapist, Fr. Charles, and good supportive friends around me, who pusch me to do better than I myself think I can.

My commitment has never been stronger, but it's a messy process and I'm okay with that. So this week I'm making blankets to restore the inventory, and created a new logo so that I can add monogramming services.

I'm trying the POMODERO method in conjunction with the anti-Procrastination exercises.

And I got the Podcast done for this week.

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