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What a Crazy Way to Sell Stuff

So Today. I'm a little bit running around in my mind. The Etsy Shoppe is getting lots of visits, and I do believe folks are coming here to the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute as well. And then there is this blog.

this idea of mine is a dream of mine since childhood. I guess i used to comfort myself by designing the perfect orphanage where the children would learn how to be self sufficient. Has anyone else had such daydreams during their troubled childhood?

Nonetheless, I can't be anybody other than what I am, I would like to market myself as this wildly together person, but I'm not. The wounds of my childhood, and the particularities of my personality, won't let that happen. I have always been a truthseeker, and knew instinctively that the path of truth would be my salvation...and my only worry was to be able to recognize Salvation when He revealed Himself to me.

Panic attacks rue the day, and for me, come in many forms. But I'm way better than I used to be. BUT....I still have a long way to go and...


and this is a big one folks, I've decided to do some vlogs, starting with once a month. So the first one is coming up next Wednesday, the 8th of December.

I once read this piece by a priest on facebook. It was a challenge i think to how this culture exhorts us to model ourselves as super heros. Well, he said "lead with your weakness." And he went on to explain that when you do this, you embrace authenticity, you become strong in your vulnerabilities and you are able to embrace growth, and via this you are able to develop a deeper reliance on God.

Now, I'm just paraphrasing, but it obviously made an impact on me as I am speaking about it today. And I guess this is a variant on the 80% rule.

Now, it doesn't mean that I'm not going to put my best foot forward. It does mean that I will do so without covetousness, without my egoist tendency to compare myself to unhealthy expectations;

These blankets are beautiful and well crafted, and I'm proud of them. People do like them, enough to buy them, and I have to trust that we will continue to get more sales. and I will be able through these sales to be able to help others who are survivors of childhood trauma and abuse.

and P.S. Your Little ones will love these blankets as well!!!!!

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