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What the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute Is.

A therapist, Ruth Berven, once told me, that the reason I was in crisis so much was in order not to have to deal with the wounds I had sustained in my childhood.

The insights that I received from her, the Church, and my current therapist make me feel obligated to help others who have struggled the way I have in my life.

So this is what the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute aka HSEKI, wants to address. It wants to create a community where men and women learn about household economics aka microeconomics in a safe and nurturing environment.

They will learn ancient values concerning household management

They will understand that the family besides being a fundamentally spiritual social unit is also a economic unit as well. They will learn that care of the spiritual and economic aspects of life is self-care. And they don't have to be ashamed anymore that they are alive and have these needs.

the study of household management will be one of the resources that the HeartSoul Ekonomia provides, and as mentioned earlier, will be based on ancient, Christian values. We are a think tank, and we want to provide policy research papers to that effect. We may not look like the normal moneyed think tanks but HSEKI was not created with them in mind.

There will be research into ancient household management principles, and how different political philosophies shape understandings of macro and microeconomics.

The services that the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute provides seeks to empower individuals, male and female who have been impacted by childhood abuse, and any trauma which impacts their ability to manage money and to self-manage executive behaviours.

It is not a top-down institution as it gets its data from everyday interactions of everyday people, we want the voice of those people who many don't feel should have a voice, because they are perceived through the lens of the stigma of adverse circumstances.

We make baby blankets and art print illustrated children's books as both a model of an cottage economy, as well as a way to fund the programs we want to provide.

We ourselves are healing from childhood trauma and know first hand the challenges it poses in learning how to navigate life both socially and economically.

Everyone deserves a chance, a second chance, 70 times 70. And I hope that the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute will be able to provide those transformative chances for people to be able to turn their lives around and enable for them to rise above raw survival, and get to a place where deep healing can be engaged in their souls.

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