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More About HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute

Finding a way to use my talents was extremely hard because I was and am high-functioning with Mild Autism Spectrum and Executive Function Disorder Issues.

Services to help one overcome these issues are prohibitive for people who live at or below the poverty line. Oftentimes, social agencies entities do not have this set of issues on their radar as something that needs to be addressed when helping people come out of hard places within themselves.

For the last ten years, I have been trying to figure out a way to not only help myself but to help others to overcome these hurdles. 

Phase I- We are going to bring to market a product--the Honeycomb Chamber line of Baby Blankets--to raise funds to implement Phase II.

Phase II (implement in June 2023)- Offer programs that will help women and men become self-sufficient.

We want to live what we teach, and as this is a Social - Enterprise, that is, a for-profit to address social issues, we have decided to launch our Etsy Shop to raise funds in order to offer these services.

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