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the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute 

The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute exists to serve populations who suffer from C-PTSD and want to learn some basic livelihood skills. In the near future, we will be providing programs that the community can benefit from.

We already have a place and we are using our space to launch various endeavours to raise funds to be able to provide services such as basic traditional double-entry bookkeeping provided by an experienced professional and we provide executive function disorder symptoms group therapy, to be facilitated by a licensed provider.  As part of the BreadHousess Network, we would like to create opportunities to foster good neighborliness, in an environment that is inspired by traditional bread baking and art-making. We are looking for a small plot of land  to incorporate the community garden that will be a part of the healing journey for members. We have a grain to bread project we would love to see come to fruition. 

Our fundraising endeavours are:

  • Our HoneyCombe Chamber Etsy Shop

  • Wednesday Evening Listening Concert

  • Medieval Fine Arts and Crafts Market of Utica

  • Grain to Bread Project

  • Our Podcast Resiliency At Any Age will explore the concept of healing from C-PTSD from  a survivour's point of view. It also brings awareness to what we do

  • We Have an Open Call For Vendors Click Here For More Information.

Thanks for submitting!

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