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call for artisans and artists

Welcome to the Application for the Medieval Fine Arts & Crafts Faire. 

Application Form

The Faire operates every other Wednesday beginning the 11th of May until the 9th of November 2022.  Must pay at least 10 days in advance of the days you intend to participate

Refer To Market Dates and Pick Your Date or Dates Below

if you want more than one date, you will have to submit payment for each date.

Deadline: Payment must be submitted along with this completed form and indicates acceptance of terms and conditions.  Payments must be received no later than 1 May 2022, for 1st event on the 11th of May 2022.. Afterwards, payments are ongoing subject to conditions until the seasonal cessation of the event.. All funds submitted go-to Escrow. When a vendor is selected to participate, the funds will be deposited, Electricity, Chairs, are provided.  BYO Tables no more than 36 x 36, You must have sales tax authorization, you are responsible for taxes you incur during sales and responsible for insurance.

 More On Terms And Conditions

Thanks for applying to our event. Call 315 765-6047 If you have any questions! Funds are Held in Escrow. When You are accepted they will be deposited. Refunds are granted 10 days before booked participation, no exceptions.

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